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Non-toxic bed bug killers

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There are 3 effective non-toxic ways to kill bed bugs.

TRAP NightWatch Bed bug Trap and Monitor

For hotels, barracks, dorms, offices and residences, the NightWatch Bed Bug Trap and monitor attracts and captures bed bugs. It caught over 10,000 bed bugs in a housing complex that had been professionally treated. They come to the machine rather than you trying to find them. It is the only trap that combines the 3 main bed bug attractants: CO2, scent and heat. It is widely used by universities, hotels, theme parks, and apartments.

DUST Exacticide Pesticide Duster

For the professional, the Exacticide Precision Duster is the only battery-powered desiccant-dust applicator for indoor and outdoor use. The dust is not toxic; it dehydrates the bed bugs. It is a very effective weapon for killing bed bugs, AND can be used for all insects.

HEAT Vapamore Steamers Packtite Closet Heat Chamber

For Pros and homeowners, the third non-toxic way to kill bedbugs is with heat. Bedbugs die at 125f. Vapamore Steamers instantly kill bed bugs and as a bonus, clean surfaces.

Packtite Closet is a medium-size heating chamber for clothing and other items that kills bedbugs without harming the content.

One or more of these products will provide effective bed bug control. If you have questions or concerns, please call. A friendly expert will help with your situation.