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The PackTite Closet $669.00

The Packtite Closet is a larger portable heating chamber with a hanger bar. It includes an external heater, fan, timer and thermometer.

Put your suitcase, hanging clothing or other goods into the Packtite Closet, following the instructions in the manual. Place the thermometer in the middle. Zip up the case. Plug the cord into an appropriate outlet.

When the thermometer reaches 125F, set the timer for 1 hour. When the time ends, unplug the cord and empty the contents. Any bed bugs in the case are now dead.

Total time for a closet varies widely with the kind and amount of goods put in. The more you put into the closet, the longer it takes to reach 125F.


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Price: $669.00
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    Packtite Closet is a heating chamber designed to kill bed bugs.You can put just about any cloth, wood or metal object into either Packtite. They do not reach a temperature that will harm most products. Exceptions: no food, medicine, liquids, aerosols or electronic devices. The interior is heated to around 125F, less than the temperature in Phoenix on some days, but enough to kill bed bugs. It is an effective, non-toxic method that is also inexpensive. It includes a thermometer. When the...